Sojourn of Days

From baleful ways
A nihilistic carnal tyranny 
Blood cursed desire 
Steeped in bitter root 

Come   Taste my knowledge said the Serpent 
And I tended my wound 
Wondering desolate through schizoid mind fields 
Mortal   Felled in the darkened light of reason 
Vain is the asphyxia of despair 
Will I know it if this venom destroys me? 

Universal rite of wrong 
Reaper of self sown sorrow 
My joy is my sorrow? 
I am so foreign to myself!
Alien in a defiled land 
A bleeding winter of bitterness 
Lingering within the arbitrary pathos 
Numb to wonder 
Somewhere between darkness and awe 

What will be when I leave what I see? 

Will I be—Me? 

Behold   From ANCIENT OF DAYS have souls roamed this earth 
And led lives of cause and consequence 
From everlasting beginning to the living end 
Ascends the helical architect 
Building temples from flesh 
From those that have been 
Are now 
And to be 
None  have ever been or ever will be quite like you 
All to be 
Determines all that is 
All then  is now  all now  will then be 

The eternal now 

O ancient eternal breath 
Mystery of holy murmurs 
Breathe my name 
Ever knowing fingers caress my fugitive heart home 

Stranger become known 
Home at last
My sorrow is all joy!
My past never relevant 
My future forever reverent 
O my sanctuary 

Pilgrim at the doorstep of eternity
Just trying to get to tomorrow 
By the grace 
Of He who brings into existence 
All that exists  





Written by Scott Schoffstall
© December 2, 2010
all rights reserved
Poetic Sojourn


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