Can Anyone Remember?

have you seen the shit hole of war?
the fields where once oxen defecated
and furrowed for sustenance of the village
green with life
now red with death
from slaughter
by the yard
left fallow, barren
bodies strewn about and regarded as
no more than that of the oxen
butchery of young
commanded by the comfortable
now feast to vermin
piled into holes


once they had lives
and loves
hearts aflame
eyes bright
all were individuals
they, each and every single one, saw their worlds
with every bit of complexity as you see yours now
this flame snuffed out
now they lay
perhaps with those they loved as brother to the last
or even with those they were trained to hate
love or hate
they will become as one now
yet these are the lucky ones!

the maimed suffer deformity
from memories
that kill them nightly
again and again
some will never fully return home

and the guilt
Oh Lord save me the guilt
why did I come home?

once there were towns and villages
where children played and hoped
now only ghosts echo faint remembrances

homeless wander
seeking security
searching for lost loves

there was a cause once
can anyone remember what that was?



Written by Scott Schoffstall
©  January 30, 2011
all rights reserved
Poetic Sojourn


2 thoughts on “Can Anyone Remember?

  1. Your poem was quite poignant! War is something I will never understand. Children behave better then two leaders fighting for this and that and for what!!

    Thank you for the beautiful write on an ugly subject!

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