a day for our darling

once dainty giggles tickled a sleepy ear
smiles so bright they warmed grumpy
to endear
and two lil twinklin mornin stars to gaze
brightened all those early grumbling days

but quick! there were tea parties to host
with fabled guests from the coast
and fashion shows to run
with adoring fans to be won

oh the adventures to explore!
often misadventures were in store
so there were booboos to attend
snuggled hugs n kisses that would mend

there were also answers besought
for a multitude of whys
cuz little curiosities one just couldn’t deny
with little genius growing
you know there’s urgent need of knowing!

and of course the day’s tales to tell
whilst splashing bubble fun swells
aromatic posy scented smells
little wet toes would tippy tip
just after a warm bubbly dip

oh! and there were stories to hear
with villains who would sneer
a princess had to be saved!
dragons to be slayed
a brave hero to win the day!
and happily ever afters
bringing innocent adoring laughter

alas there was a date with the sand man
to keep
as we lay thee down to sleep
thank yous to be said
then a tucked in sleepy head

and off we here withdrew
knowing the coming day would anew
to find happily ever afters do come true
for a lil princess to rise n shine
with a doting Father in Kingdom Divine

Never Forget

Written by Scott Schoffstall
© July 16, 2011
all rights reserved
Poetic Sojourn


2 thoughts on “a day for our darling

  1. Most crimes committed against children are not perpetrated by the strangers they’re told not to talk to but the ones they’re trained to trust. Most of these, although extremely tragic, cannot be practically prevented. What amazes me about this tragedy is that we tend to hold mothers so far beyond suspicion that we let red flags the size of Texas flap over our faces. In this case we had dozens of them. I do not know what the jury were using for brains. They just turned a tragedy into a sham. I’m left with nothing but confusion and astonishment.

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