I Do Not Write Poetry

I do not go gentle
into any night
for your delight
with flowers and bees
in springtime breeze

I do not aspire
pretend heavenly attire
singing so sweetly
chiming repeatedly
so tidy and neatly

I do not aspire
to building of fires
of wishes, desires
with chest plate of scales
horns and tails

I do not carry flames
for internal blames
of times I’ve been lamed
from opposite strife
with expert knife

I do not address
desperate excess
or need to confess
a life that’s been messed
now finding it’s blessed

I do not require
for you to admire
or praise as sublime
any reason or rhyme
that make spirits climb

the reason I’m here
is to be more than clear
that we’re all in the now
together somehow
we can strive for the new
and continually review
all that we do

so reminding us all
that from all of our fall
we can stand tall
from whence we did crawl
because here and now
is not to kowtow

but further we’re made
to win not with blade
but heart for the true
an unfettered view
so hear what I do

and not what I please
for it’s not what frees
this lament will not ease
until time’s undone
and spirits one
from one certain deed
it’s been guaranteed



Written by Scott Schoffstall
©  February 05, 2011
all rights reserved
Poetic Sojourn


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