the geese left today

I saw them on their way
in chevron flight
left to right
honking like traffic
just moments ago

what made them go
what was different today
than yesterday

what que spoke to one
then another and another
why didn’t one just say
“hey I don’t feel like it dude, chillax”

somehow on a particular moment
of a particular day
something spoke to one
and off they went

flying over head

yes they’ve done this before
does the head goose have a watch
and a calendar
does he say “yo, it’s October 4th
and it’s 6:34pm Eastern Standard Time
let’s split”
and everyone just says “cool man”

You think they have an instrument
to measure exactly how long the sun
stays in the sky

well let’s see
yesterday it was there in the sky
until 6:35pm EST
gotta go

what’s instinct
yes the goose before this one did
and the one before that one too
who was first and who did it before

when will they come back
you think they know something we don’t
or do you think they just listen better

Written by Scott Schoffstall
© October 04, 2011
all rights reserved
Poetic Sojourn


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