Matter Over Mind (an end to a means)

you knew me before I did
I always knew behind my eyes
I would never die
yet I was not alive
until I died

I came shooting up the place

fresh out of an embryonic horror

matter over mind

it was glory

revolution story

making fine gestures of

artistic sacrament

holy indulgent

dancing on the edge

of that black hole

made for one hell of an

astronaut glide

shit slide


the vacuum

sucking my brain

twisted my fight


into yesterday without


what then done

now would have none

I am not here
you are not there
I am nowhere

I am everywhere

I am one of the lone billions

seeking significance in a bottle

stained with the star spangled jet stream ground zero of vacant medicines

heart sealed with a fist

I’m a beggar

and pride is a thief

in my time of dying

the pain that reigns

is change

delusion seeks the seeker of the void
who seeks the void to inhabit a vacuum?
to surround themselves with nothing
as if to strive for nothing means everything
but in a vacuum
everything IS nothing!
to attain everything one must become as nothing

enslaved in freedom of
senseless freedom
driven to nowhere
through the chase
you’re already there
beyond what you know
by the thought that
blows your mind
be still and grow

an end to a means

Written by Scott Schoffstall
© January 14, 2011
all rights reserved
Poetic Sojourn


2 thoughts on “Matter Over Mind (an end to a means)

  1. So many thoughts evolving as you journey through life, gathering together to create wonderful poetry that dances in the readers mind.

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