in our name (the Pyrrhic victor)

oh dear one so bright and new
how do I explain this world to you
we’ve turned our face from the light above
blinding our minds to the sight of love

once we cared for our little ones like you
now we teach everything and nothing are true
confuse and abuse you to chill and become
cold from self, will freeze a tender heart numb

we’ll twist you that way and twist you this
use your friends to push you into our abyss
from program to programmed, all day in our spell
til open minds enclose within our comfy cell

you’ll do as your told, your soul will be sold
you’ll give us your little ones before they’re too old
while still in make believe, it’s easily understood
our pixie dust will turn what’s evil into good

but only ill comes from this nefarious course
and we’ll be there with denial to deflect from its source
giving no other outlet than what they’ve been taught
lash out, make them suffer, make them pay from what’s wrought

Remember, learn, act

Remember, learn, act

written by Scott Schoffstall
© December 15, 2012
all rights reserved
Poetic Sojourn


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