legacy in light

everyone has a story though many aren’t told
child, woman or man, young or old
from the man on the hill in mansion elite
to the drunk or drug addict, lying half dead in the street

but these offensive you pass by not caring to know
lying stripped of dignity, your final dealt blow
many once seekers of light glittering would see
betrayed by this darkness you now judge them to be

this condemnation you cast down on these down cast
a higher court convicts, worthless to last
for seeing what glitters as your worshiped light
sentenced worldly ways will blind you its blight

yet these at your feet you neglect to beware
with unceasing faith even unto depths of despair
entrust now the true legacy in light, whence faithfull commend
their names written in life’s book, a story without end

1322862614917_ORIGINALwritten by Scott Schoffstall
© January 07, 2013
all rights reserved
Poetic Sojourn