strong in the silence gives

on my way I’ve known
a quiet place of safety
that knows strength beyond
a thousand towers
standing proud
behind walls with bold boasts
made of stone

this place,
where one confides
secret treasure
held without fear
of pillage,
holds delicate
beauty unrealized
and considering itself
small, soars above
any tower’s boast

this accepting refuge
dwells not under shadow
but in shade
where one can find comfort
and cool deliverance
from the heat of battle

a well of still
cool water will greet you here
enough to quench a lifetime
and the deeper you draw
the more it gives
it will never run dry
for it taps unto a source

it does this without
knowing return
its thirst is for outlet
and gives freely
from its want
never witholding.
if it did presume,
it would lose
this very draw
and would parch
from its own stagnant

this oasis,
quiet and still,
does not rush madly
over rock and fall.
it awaits in the cool
keep of its depth
within its banks,
fertile for growth
where life renews

all strength
from this place
comes not from tower
behind walls of stone
but in the still gentle
giving of its unassuming
silent source

its only desire
is to be known
and desired
so it may give
from its pool
from time under shade
kept for just such a weary

if you are so blessed
to find such a reserve,
cherish its abundance
but be warned,
if you plunge its depth
to bloat in haste,
you may season
with bitter salts
and another will
drink your poison

then may you be
as the vagrant dune
a howling wind
blowin parched
under the searing light
wandering aimlessly
kicked under foot
with dread and curses
never knowing home

Written by Scott Schoffstall
© May 19, 2013
all rights reserved
Poetic Sojourn


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