Glistening from the depths, rain reflects
Tears of a despondent god
Drinking the silky silence of a fear
That is out of my reach and into your hands
My hands cup around the drops
And with time steep the bitter
Then falls thru the cracks in my hands
Trickling past my parched lips
To lay fallow in my sentient bowels
I don’t pretend to understand
Everything about this life, about what it’s like to be a god
But there’s something about drinking raindrops
That makes me realize, I know all I need to know
I’m wet now, soaked thru, bone-drenched
Saliferous flow irrigating the soul
Nourishing the movement for where it need grow
And thru this well of blue, will the rose of red e’er bloom


Written by Scott Schoffstall

© December 1, 2010
all rights reserved
Poetic Sojourn